10 papers of the ’10s

With about ten nine eight weeks left of the decade, obviously we need to start making top-lists! The idea here is to list ten favorite papers of the 2010s, related to my research, and add one item per week. It’s not an ordered list and it will not be too serious, don’t hate me if your paper is […]

Frozen weighted network

Yesterday a paper by Mason Porter, Hiroki Sayama and myself was published in Frontiers for Young Minds. It attempts to present network centrality to the Frozen generation. In the spirit of data sharing, you can find the raw data below. It is the undirected network of who talks to whom and how many lines they […]

Firsts in network science

This post is revised after comments from Urska Demsar, Travis Gibson, Des Higham, Mason Porter, Jan Peter Schäfermeyer, Johan Ugander, and Jean-Gabriel Young. Thanks! Our field is interdisciplinary and many smart people have been thinking about similar things. No wonder things get reinvented and rediscovered many times. I don’t think science is a competition to […]