Reproducing computational studies in general and general network dismantling in particular

This post is about some recent experiences and thoughts of reproducing computational results of a paper. Thoughts about computational reproducibility Reproducibility of results in computational science has become a hotter topic over the last few years. I have to admit that I haven’t followed the discussion very closely. I know that some journals and societies […]

Firsts in network science

This post is revised after comments from Urska Demsar, Travis Gibson, Des Higham, Mason Porter, Jan Peter Schäfermeyer, Johan Ugander, and Jean-Gabriel Young. Thanks! Our field is interdisciplinary and many smart people have been thinking about similar things. No wonder things get reinvented and rediscovered many times. I don’t think science is a competition to […]

Hierarchies and networks

We scientists love the word “hierarchy”. In every professor, it evokes a picture of us chalking up a pyramid on the black board and confidently explaining “at the top, we have the …” Hierarchies are systematic and meaningful orderings. They are the successful ends of research projects; bringers of peace to our curious minds. They […]