Analogies at the edge of reason

Making analogies is the engine of human intelligence, but for humanity as a whole, and our collective-intelligence enterprise called science, it is an obstacle. I’ll try to expand on that in this, maybe not sharpest of posts. Hypotheses In science and life alike, we use analogies as shortcuts to form hypotheses. Any other strategy—experimenting, making […]

Temporal networks and the extraordinary fluidity of effortless abstractions

This is a semi-grumpy post about the many ambiguities and reinventions in the field of temporal networks. Cheerful posts are more fun, so do consider browsing away. Also, I’m not always contributing to clarity myself, so maybe I’m not entitled to whine about this. Many types of data consist of discrete interaction events, where we […]

Reproducing computational studies in general and general network dismantling in particular

June 21, that authors of the General Network Dismantling paper sent me a reply with their comments on this blog post. You can read it here. I will comment on it later. This post is about some recent experiences and thoughts of reproducing the computational results of a paper. Thoughts about computational reproducibility The reproducibility […]